Bai Dou 拜斗 – Ceremony to avert calamities

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The 九皇Nine Star Deities are in charge of peoples fate and their protection.

More Infos about Guardian Deities

Praying for blessings and avert calamities祈福消灾

If a person want to connect with their Guardian Deity 本命元辰 , we recommended to make this ceremony.

During the ceremony, the priest prepares and consecrates a personalized  “Dou Deng斗灯“ with Pai Wei牌位-Tablet.

“Dou Deng斗灯“ is a special artifact used for praying to Dou Mu斗姆, the Stars斗 and Personal Guardians本命元辰. The tablet is used for connecting with the Personal Guardian(本命元辰). You can place the tablet at your home altar.

We will send the personalized tablet and instructions to you by post.

Service includes:

Bai Dou Ceremony at 遇真观 Yu Zhen Guan

-incl. 5 offerings, a special Holy Register, a personalized Pai Wei牌位-Tablet


The ceremony can be for one or for more people. If you would like to include family members, friends, etc. please register for the ceremony and then add another person to your order, incl his/her credentials. Every person will have personalized holy register and offerings.

Please register with complete name, birthdate and address.

Contact us for questions or special inquiries Email:

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